Allison Johnson

Selected Works

"Taming Miss Jazzy," an essay about a shelter cat our family adopted who was a handful to deal with is included in this anthology.
“Allison Johnson's The Way Home is a beguiling blend of family politics, Western landscape, and the complications of the human heart.”
--Jo-Ann Mapson, author of Finding Casey
"A poignant story of a family broken by years of sorrow, Johnson fills a need by telling this tale.", Readers iBook Reviews
"In The Way Home, the desert landscape seems to make all kinds of love and healing possible."
--Other Voices, Stacy Bierlein
"The Way Home's familiar landmarks put you in the story faster than ice melts on the sidewalk in July."
--Desert Sun
"What makes The Way Home worth reading more than anything else is the quirky but still believable characters."
--Coast Magazine, Tim Wilcox
“A vital resource for new and expectant parents.”
--Ed Greene, Ph.D., board member, NAEYC


Writing is in my blood. My grandmother Julia told bedtime stories that left me rapt with each word. My father was also a storyteller who entertained his siblings with whimsical tales, and later, our family around the dinner table as he began a long career writing for TV and film. As a kid I watched him at his typewriter, intensely focused, a pencil tucked behind his ear, reading bits of dialogue out loud. I learned a lot from my dad about how to keep writing despite discouragement and personal demons, and about how to never give up. I also developed a deep love for books and film.

I grew up in Tarzana near the Edgar Rice Burroughs (author of the Tarzan novels) estate. The old property sat on a sprawling hillside where a flock of sheep grazed. As a girl, horses were my world. I begged and borrowed, mucked out stalls and did chores in exchange for riding a neighbor's horses. On my thirteenth birthday my parents gifted me with a black mare with a white star, part Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, and American Saddlebred. Her registered name? Stormy Night.

I studied dramatic arts, screenwriting and acting, taking a lead role in a college production and an AFI student film, developing my passion for storytelling. I graduated from UCLA and went on to work in TV production at Universal Studios. I kept writing... short stories, essays, and poetry. Your Self-Confident Baby was my first book. After, I tried my hand at a novel. (That first attempt is gratefully stored in a box in my garage). The Way Home, another novel, followed.

I love developing the fictional world and getting lost in the wonderful process of creating it. For me story starts with an image out of which characters and their journeys grow. I've finished four screenplays and am currently at work on my fifth.