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My Works

A Cup of Comfort for Cat Lovers: Stories that Celebrate our Feline Friends

"Taming Miss Jazzy," my essay about a shelter cat our family adopted who was a handful to deal with is included in this anthology.

The Way Home

“What makes The Way Home worth reading, more than anything else, are the quirky but still believable characters. Johnson’s portrayal of the often awkward issue of how to deal with a failing, and in this case, cantankerous parent, is deft and sensitive--graced with more than a garnish of humor.”

--Tim Wilcox, Coast Magazine

Your Self-Confident Baby

“Magda Gerber’s approach will deepen your understanding of your baby and help you truly appreciate the complexity, competence, and amazing capacities of the small human being for whom you are caring.”
--Jeree H Pawl, Ph.D., U.C. San Francisco